Nearshoring Mexico

Nearshoring refers to the practice of outsourcing business processes or services to a nearby country, typically one that shares a border with the outsourcing company’s home country.

Nearshoring to Mexico has become increasingly popular for companies in the United States and other regions due to several advantages

Mexico has become an attractive country for the practice of Nearshoring because of its closeness to the United States.

Nowadays, tensions between China and the United States have arised, due to the geopolitical conflict over Taiwan and in the same manner, the geopolitical conflict that has created the war between Ukraine and Russia has caused several Western companies to begin the process of relocation, in case the situation worsens.

Advantages of Doing Business in Mexico

Greater contact with subcontracted companies

In the practice of Nearshoring communication with subcontracted companies is fast and simple, and therefore the decision-making process is also fast. Since there are no large time differences, time management improves. 

Reduction of transport time and costs

Since the distance between the central and subcontracted offices is reduced, deliveries can be carried out in a shorter period and at a reduced cost.

Greater knowledge of the market

Because the distance is small, the cultural differences are minimal, and this helps to a better study of the demand and to know the market in detail. It also allows companies to adjust the supply quickly when there are changes in the market.

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Better quality of products

This is given because manufacturers know the market and the environment better.

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