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Segovia Brothers

Adolfo Segovia marketing MBA with 12 years’ sales management and growth experience.

Multitalented Individual with experience in all aspects of media and product development from: finding needs, launch product to market and all stages of sale. Experience as spokesperson on live TV and Radio. Creation and training of sales teams. Knowledgeable of all types of media: TV, Radio, Print, Digital.

Adolfo holds a BA in Advertising from FIU and MBA from University of Miami with certifications in IT, cybersecurity and AI.

Adolfo enjoys going to the beach, gym and resides in Miami,Fl.



 Alberto Segovia is a successful entrepreneur and the co-founder of ZEHR.MX, a recruiting company based in Mexico City with more than 30 employees, including recruiters, psychologists, and accountants. He is a graduate from Instituto Tecnologico de Mexico (ITAM) with a BA in Business Administration. With his expertise and leadership, Alberto has transformed the recruitment landscape in Mexico City. Join us on this exciting journey as we reshape the way companies find top talent. Contact us to learn more!



Sheila Segovia is a chef by profession after living in Europe for 1 year and working at Michelin star restaurants, she realized been inside a kitchen wasnt her passion. Sheila started working in recruting and now she manages more than 30 people.




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